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AI in the Cloud: How Marketers Can Power Prediction, Personalization, and Performance through Cloud Solutions [MAICON 22 Keynote]

Albert Esplugas
Course Duration: 47 minutes
Released: August 2022
Level: Beginner
The Cloud brings marketers access to pre-trained AI models, and nearly limitless computing power, that enable more accurate predictions, deeper insights into data, reduced operational costs, improved customer experiences, and personalization at scale.

During this keynote session with Albert Esplugas, Head of AI Solutions Marketing, Amazon Web Services (AWS), we’ll explore practical AI use cases, discuss business outcomes you should connect to your AI initiatives, and learn from customer success stories that will inspire you to build smarter campaigns and businesses.

This Course is a recording of one of the main stage talks at the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON), which was held in August 2022.
Meet Your Instructor

Albert Esplugas

Albert Esplugas has worked in Marketing, Sales and Operations for large companies like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services and created his own tech startups. Esplugas has been working in AI for the last 4 years helping companies understand the transformative business value of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Head of AI Solutions Marketing, Amazon Web Services