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A Match Made in Heaven: Boosting Creative Effectiveness and Marketing ROI with AI and Neuroscience [MAICON 22]

Julia Saswito
Course Duration: 45 minutes
Released: August 2022
Level: Beginner
Julia Saswito reveals how marketing innovators today predict creative effectiveness, strategic fit and brand activation to outperform their competition and improve their overall marketing ROI—through the use of smart AI tools to predict consumer perception at scale.

Can AI help predict the impact of an ad or video on consumer behavior? Or can AI be used to understand what feelings creative assets trigger, or whether they fit to a brand's communication? And moreover, is AI able to give us deep insights into consumer perception without directly talking to them?

Today, effective communication requires not only a deep understanding of consumers and brands and excellent ideas, but also the production of a vast amount of precisely fitting content and playout variants. Marketing managers are increasingly overwhelmed to control the performance of all assets on an exploding number of channels. Too many variants and too many specifications on the one hand, and too little budget and a lack of skilled workers on the other. Smart use of AI systematically optimizes marketing in all areas: more objectivity, higher scalability, and even more actionable insights in less time. The result is greater independence and immense efficiency gains.

AI and neuromarketing expert Julia Saswito shows with practical examples how exactly this already works today and explains how it is possible to build behavioral science principles into AI pipelines. She shares experiences on how brand, creative and insights teams can use AI to achieve particularly effective communication—sharing deep insights of her work with multinational clients from fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverage, finance, and telecoms.

This Course is a recording of one of the main stage talks at the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON), which was held in August 2022.
Leave this session with:
An overview of the fascinating AI-powered possibilities that already exist for creative effectiveness and brand management, and what´s next
Practical use cases and examples.
Insights into how successful companies introduce AI to their brand management, and the challenges (and pitfalls) of successful implementation and rollout.
Meet Your Instructor

Julia Saswito

Julia Saswito is a digital pioneer and specialist for customer experience and brand management. After successfully building up one of the leading digital agencies in Germany and her time as Partner and Global Practice Lead for Digital Experience at the international Reply Group, she moved to AI start-up aimpower in April 2021. There, she helps shape the still young AI in marketing scene as Head of Strategy, and works on novel solutions for brand management and effectiveness measurement augmented by artificial intelligence. With numerous professional articles and lectures, she sheds light on trends and innovations in digital marketing and ecommerce, and is a tireless advocate of putting human needs at the center of digital transformation. As a CEO and shareholder of a technology company, she was a rarity for a long time - the topic of equal opportunities and women in tech therefore particularly moves her.

Head of Strategy, aimpower