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Deep Learning and the AI Innovations Driving the Future of Marketing [MAICON 22]

Vedant Misra
Course Duration: 44 minutes
Released: August 2022
Level: Beginner
From inside the research labs of some of the most innovative AI companies in the world, Vedant Misra has worked on many of the AI advancements that are redefining marketing, business and society.

In this far-reaching fireside chat, Marketing AI Institute CEO Paul Roetzer explores how Vedant went from studying neutrinos, black holes, and the cosmic microwave background at Columbia University, to generating customized sales and marketing content at his deep-learning startup, Kemvi, which he sold to HubSpot in 2017.

Vedant will share perspectives from his time at HubSpot, OpenAI and Google, and offer a glimpse into a near future in which AI is infused into every aspect of the marketing industry, and their careers.

This Course is a recording of one of the main stage talks at the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON), which was held in August 2022.
Meet Your Instructor

Vedant Misra

Vedant Misra is an entrepreneur, researcher and engineer. He is currently an AI researcher at Google. Previously, he led the Algorithms and Reasoning teams at OpenAI, co-developed Codex, was founder and CEO of Kemvi (acquired by $HUBS), and led the ML Labs team at HubSpot, focused on developing new machine learning products with language. Misra's publications and patents span machine learning, natural language processing, program synthesis, medical imaging, human-computer interaction, black hole physics, and quantitative finance. He studied physics and math at Columbia.

AI Researcher, Google