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AI Discovery Guide and Worksheet [Download]]

Cal Al-Dhubaib
Released July 2020
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The AI Discovery Worksheet will help guide the process of identifying critical assumptions to inform the feasibility and utility of an AI project. Based on thousands of hours developing and scaling AI solutions, this worksheet was inspired by best practices combining thought leadership in Data Science, Human-Centered Design, and AI Ethics.

If you are evaluating a vendor-proposed or pre-existing AI solution, you can use the questions in this worksheet to frame your conversations with the vendor in determining the suitability of the solution for your use-case. If you are evaluating a home-grown AI solution, this worksheet can serve as a starting point to develop your requirements.

The AI Discovery Guide Worksheet consists of three sections: Overview, Methods and Risk Management. Each section includes questions you should ask with illustrated examples. A blank 2-page worksheet is provided at the end of the document for personal use.

For more information on how to use this worksheet, check out the course: Artificial Intelligence and Data for Beginners.