"> An Interview with R.J. Talyor [Ask Me Anything Session]

An Interview with R.J. Talyor [Ask Me Anything Session]

R. J. Talyor
Duration: 58 minutes
Recorded April 2021
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In our Ask Me Anything sessions with Instructors, members ask their questions on marketing AI best practices, technology and AI implementation. Listen to the replay of the conversation with R.J. Talyor, Founder, Pattern89.
In the conversation, he discusses:
How Pattern89 uses AI to predict winning creative.
Whether AI will ever be able to create new ads.
Ethical risks of AI and how to approach them.
Meet Your Instructor

R. J. Talyor

R. J. Talyor is the Founder and CEO of Pattern89, an artificial intelligence platform that predicts winning digital marketing creative. Pattern89’s AI analyzes over 2,900 creative dimensions of Facebook and Instagram ads to determine what creative will lead to a brand’s best returns, before campaigns begin.

CEO & Founder, Pattern89