An Interview with Cal Al-Dhubaib [Ask Me Anything Session]
Business Strategy

An Interview with Cal Al-Dhubaib [Ask Me Anything Session]

Cal Al-Dhubaib
Duration: 56 minutes
Recorded January 2021
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In our Ask Me Anything sessions with Instructors, members ask their questions on marketing AI best practices, technology and AI implementation. Listen to the replay of the conversation with Cal Al-Dhubaib, CEO, Pandata.
In the conversation, he discusses:
Common barriers preventing organizations from getting started with AI.
Tips for launching an AI pilot project.
Data science and its relation to AI.
Pandata's work with the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Data bias.
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Cal Al-Dhubaib

Cal Al-Dhubaib is a globally recognized data scientist, entrepreneur, and innovator in responsible artificial intelligence, specializing in high-risk sectors such as healthcare, energy, and defense. He is the founder and CEO of Pandata, a consulting company that helps organizations to design and develop AI-driven solutions for complex business challenges, with an emphasis on responsible AI. Their clients include globally recognized organizations like the Cleveland Clinic, Progressive Insurance, University Hospitals, and Parker Hannifin.

CEO & AI Strategist, Pandata