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An Interview with Doug Davidoff [Ask Me Anything Session]

Doug Davidoff
Duration: 45 minutes
Recorded May 2021
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In our Ask Me Anything sessions with Instructors, members ask their questions on marketing AI best practices, technology and AI implementation. Listen to the replay of the conversation with Doug Davidoff, Founder and CEO, Imagine Business Development
In the conversation, he discusses:
The major causes of AI implementation dissatisfaction and failure
The need for defined processes and goals prior to AI implementation.
The relationship between technology and humans.
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Doug Davidoff

Doug Davidoff is the leading advisor for small- and mid-market, high-growth companies that want to align and leverage their strategies, technologies, tactics and processes throughout the full funnel. Davidoff’s unique approach integrates real-world research (done in the field where leads are created and sales take place, rather than in a laboratory) with systems designed to generate methods that drive results. Davidoff’s worked deeply with more than 1,500 companies and seen their financial statements so he knows what works — and what sounds good, but doesn’t work. He’s advised more than a dozen companies that have successfully sold for a combined value of more than $1 billion.

Founder & CEO, Imagine Business Development