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Beauty Is in the Eye of the Algorithm [Short Course]

R. J. Talyor
Course Duration: 40 minutes
Course Released: July 2020
Level: Beginner
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Advertisers are faced with the dual challenge of telling a unique brand story, while honoring an ever-changing formula that ensures their message ranks, trends or optimizes. What’s an advertiser to do? Machines have created a standardized version of our world today, saving us time, budget and energy in the process.

Data and AI are key; however, as you’ll learn from R. J., without a solid foundation of creativity, your messaging will be unsuccessful. Only advertisers who blend their creativity with AI will achieve success.

In this session, we’ll learn how brands can blend the two together to stand out from the crowd. It may seem as though machines have a mind of their own, but only humans have the mind to be creative. Together, machines can optimize and hone our creativity to tell a unique brand story. Join R. J. Talyor in discovering how your brand can stand apart in a machine-optimized world—because brands who embrace creators win.

Course Curriculum

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    The Course

    • Lesson 1: Beauty Is in the Eye of the Algorithm

    • Lesson 2: Algorithms + Creative

    • Lesson 3: Blending AI + Creativity to Find Winners

    • Test Your Learning

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Meet Your Instructor

R. J. Talyor

R. J. Talyor is the Founder and CEO of Pattern89, an artificial intelligence platform that predicts winning digital marketing creative. Pattern89’s AI analyzes over 2,900 creative dimensions of Facebook and Instagram ads to determine what creative will lead to a brand’s best returns, before campaigns begin.

CEO & Founder, Pattern89