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Boosting Digital Ads via AI [Short Course]

Aleks Farseev
1.4 hours
Released October 2020
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People use AI every day, no matter where they work or what they do: our smartphones have dozens of native capabilities powered by AI, such as voice assistants and real-time navigation; Google's AI predicts the places we go and suggests the phrases to search; Facebook's AI recognizes objects on images we post and infers our interests from the pages we visit; and our favorite services, like Amazon and Netflix, use AI to offer product recommendations.

This information is further used by advertising platforms to label customer audiences to deliver billions of ad impressions across the globe daily. Leveraging such information via AI technology is crucial for marketers to run effective digital advertising campaigns.

This short course will teach you the basic principles of applying AI technology into your daily digital advertising routines. You will also learn more about how Facebook and Google work on the backend, and what long-tail ad targeting is.

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    • Lesson 1: The Age of Social Media

    • Lesson 2: Key Factors Affecting Ad Cost

    • Lesson 3: Free AI Tools for Digital Marketing

    • Lesson 4: How Does the AI Magic Work?

    • Lesson 5: Case Studies

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Meet Your Instructor

Aleks Farseev

Prof. Aleks Farseev is an entrepreneur, international keynote speaker and the CEO of SoMin.ai, the digital advertising optimization platform driven by AI and big data. Known to be an expert in digital and influencer marketing, Farseev has also co-authored over 20 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Farseev holds a research professor position at ITMO University, and has successfully conducted university courses and training sessions on digital marketing, influencer marketing and AI technology.

Co-Founder and CEO, SoMin.AI