The Dark Side of Social Media [Podcast Recording]

David Meerman Scott
Duration: 40 minutes
Podcast Released: January 2021
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David Meerman Scott digs into the dark side of social media and considers the question: Is Facebook evil?

He also shares his thoughts on how AI-powered algorithms are affecting the way we consume news, and what it all means to brands and marketers. Tune in for details.

Note: This video was recorded live during an interview for our Marketing AI Podcast. The audio podcast is available on your favorite podcast app.
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David Meerman Scott

No one knows more about using the new real-time tools and strategies to spread ideas, influence minds and build business than David Meerman Scott. He’s a sales and marketing strategist who has spoken on all seven continents and in more than 40 countries to audiences of the most respected firms, organizations and associations. David is the author of ten books—three are international bestsellers—and is best known for “The New Rules of Marketing & PR,” now in its 6th edition, which has been translated into 29 languages and is a modern business classic with more than 400,000 copies sold so far.

Marketing Strategist and Bestselling Author