Data and the Next Decade: What to Expect and How to Prepare
Data and Analytics

Data and the Next Decade: What to Expect and How to Prepare [Short Course]

Laurie Hood
Course Duration: 30 minutes
Course Released: June 2020
Level: Beginner
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We live in a hyper-connected world where virtually everything we do leaves a digital trace. From our connected devices to what we buy, watch, listen to and search for there is little left to the imagination. Brands have spent the last decade capturing as many of those interactions as possible in an effort to build brand loyalty and gain competitive advantage.

As we move into the next decade, consumer interaction with data and devices will increase exponentially, creating new opportunities for brands to engage.

The good news is, AI and machine learning technologies will allow us to more effectively harness all that data and drive more, and deeper insights out of it than ever before.
In this session, you’ll learn:
how AI is changing our relationship with data and how you can leverage it to drive real results for your business.

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    • Lesson 1: What Is Driving the Data Explosion

    • Lesson 2: Data Scope and Quality

    • Lesson 3: Understanding AI Benefits and Use Cases

    • Lesson 3: Test Your Learning

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Meet Your Instructor

Laurie Hood

As Senior Vice President, Marketing, Laurie Hood is responsible for all aspects of Mobilewalla’s marketing strategy including messaging and positioning, brand awareness, demand generation and sales enablement. She brings extensive experience in technology marketing and product management to Mobilewalla, most recently holding leadership roles at Equifax and IBM, through their acquisition of Silverpop, a marketing automation company. Earlier in her career, Hood worked with several marquee companies, including KnowledgeStorm, S1 Corporation and Accenture, gaining marketing, product management and business partner management experience. She graduated from Clemson University and currently serves as a board member of the Technology Association of Georgia Marketing Society.

Senior Vice President, Marketing, Mobilewalla