"> Game-Changing AI Innovations Coming in the Next 3-5 Years
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Explore Game-Changing AI Innovations Coming in the Next 3-5 Years [Podcast Recording]

Harry Syed
Duration: 48 minutes
Podcast Released: January 2021
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During his interview with show host Paul Roetzer, Harry Syed discusses practical applications of AI that he has worked on. He also forecasts game-changing innovations coming in the next three to five years.

Note: This video was recorded live during an interview for our Marketing AI Podcast. The audio podcast is available on your favorite podcast app.
Listen to the whole interview to hear more about:
How AI will change our jobs as marketers.
How machines can make us more human.
Why McDonald’s is one of the most innovative brands he’s worked with.
Tips for marketers looking to become innovators.
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Harry Syed

Harry Syed has spent the last 15 years working with technologies that collect and manipulate data autonomously on behalf of global clients. With academia and research in Artificial Intelligence and Cybernetics, Syed has spent most of his time living worldwide, building unique infrastructures to help clients' businesses grow into marketing AI efficient organizations of the future. Having lived in Asia, Europe and the USA, Syed has been able to apply a unique global perspective to his vision as it relates to automation and future-proofing client organizations within the data and technology world. Syed is also currently an advisor to startups in NYC, London and Dubai, applying automated intelligence concepts to drive efficiencies in functionality and marketing.

Executive Director of Innovation, Sub Rosa