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Smart Content Planning: How AI Enables You to Continually Improve Content Strategy [Short Course]

Bart Frischknecht
Course Duration: 55 minutes
Course Released: June 2020
Level: Beginner
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As a marketer, you have undoubtedly felt the pressure to ensure that your content is leading to increased traffic, engagement, retention and, ultimately, your organization's overall business objectives. AI can help here, but only if you have the right fundamentals in place.

During this Course, Bart Frischknecht will introduce a smart content planning framework that will set you up for success so that AI can play an increasingly important role in your content strategy.

Course Curriculum

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    Welcome to the Course!

    • A Message From Your Instructor

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    The Course

    • Lesson 1: Content Strategy Basics

    • Lesson 2: Defining Your Business Objective

    • Lesson 3: AI Tools for Business Objectives

    • Lesson 4: Identifying Your Target Audience

    • Lesson 5: AI Tools for Target Audience

    • Lesson 6: Describing Your Content Plan

    • Lesson 7: AI Tools for Content Plans

    • Lesson 8: Learning From Your Content Performance

    • Lesson 9: AI Tools for Measurement and Reporting

    • Lesson 10: Put Smart Content Planning into Practice

    • Test Your Learning

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    Next Steps...

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Meet Your Instructor

Bart Frischknecht

Bart Frischknecht is the CEO and founder of Cobomba, a content strategy software platform that uses AI to help marketers plan content that works. He applies his unique background—a blend of design, marketing and engineering—to help companies create, communicate and deliver value to their customers. These days, Frischknecht is all about building marketing technology to help marketers achieve their growth goals and be seen as leaders in their organizations. He is passionate about using data to put customers’ needs and choices at the center of strategic decision making. He has advised company boards, C-suite leaders, sales, marketing and product teams on their growth strategies across a wide range of industries over fifteen years. Frischknecht received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University, his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and enjoyed four years as a senior research fellow at the University of Technology, Sydney.

CEO & Founder, Cobomba