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How AI Will Change Marketing Forever [MAICON 19 Keynote]

Christopher S. Penn
Course Duration: 39 minutes
Course Released: May 2020
Level: Beginner
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Every business wants their marketing to be better, faster and cheaper. Yet, study after study tells us the opposite is happening— leading to budget cuts, staff reductions and unrealistic performance demands. What’s the solution? What’s the way out of this situation?

The answer, unsurprisingly, is artificial intelligence. AI promises three things: acceleration, accuracy and automation. In this session you’ll learn real-world use cases and examples of how companies are using AI to drive costs down and revenue up.

The presentation wraps with a seven-step process to guide you on your AI journey—including whether to build or buy the technology, the people you’ll need on your team, and, most importantly, what you personally need to do to prepare your own career.

In 2019, 300+ marketers from 12 countries and 28 states, came together in Cleveland, Ohio for the inaugural Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON). This Course is a recording of one of the conference's main stage talks.

Course Curriculum

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    Christopher Penn: How AI Will Change Marketing Forever [MAICON 19]

    • Chris Penn: Main Stage

    • Presentation [PDF]

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    About MAICON 2019

    • Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) Highlights

Meet Your Instructor

Christopher S. Penn

Christopher S. Penn is an authority on analytics, digital marketing, marketing technology, data science, and machine learning. A recognized thought leader, best-selling author, and keynote speaker, he has shaped five key fields in the marketing industry: Google Analytics adoption, data-driven marketing and PR, modern email marketing, marketing data science, and artificial intelligence/machine learning in marketing. As co-founder and Chief Data Scientist of Trust Insights, he is responsible for the creation of products and services, creation and maintenance of all code and intellectual property, technology and marketing strategy, brand awareness, and research and development. Penn is a 2021, four-time IBM Champion in IBM Data and AI, a Brand24 Top 100 Digital Marketer, an Onalytica Top 100 AI in Marketing influencer, and co-host of the award-winning Marketing Over Coffee marketing podcast. Prior to co-founding Trust Insights, he built the marketing for a series of startups with a 100% successful exit rate in the financial services, SaaS software, and public relations industries. His work has served brands such as Twitter, T-Mobile, Citrix Systems, GoDaddy, AAA, McDonald’s, and many others. Penn is an IBM Watson Machine Learning Certified Professional, a Google Analytics Certified Professional, a Google Ads Certified Professional, a Google Digital Sales Certified Professional, and a Hubspot Inbound Certified Professional. He is the author of over two dozen marketing books including bestsellers such as AI for Marketers: A Primer and Introduction, Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer, Marketing Red Belt: Connecting With Your Creative Mind, Marketing Blue Belt: From Data Zero to Marketing Hero, and Leading Innovation.

Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist, TrustInsights.ai