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How to Design an Ethical AI-Powered Marketing Strategy featuring Pandata [Webinar Replay]

Cal Al-Dhubaib
Duration: 58 minutes
Webinar Released: August 2021
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Cal Al-Dhubaib, CEO of Pandata, will explain how to go about designing and building out your own-AI powered solutions with an emphasis on ethics. Ethical AI is no longer an academic conversation—it’s about protecting humans.

You’ll see AI in Action when Pandata shares case studies featuring a health technology enterprise and a Fortune 500 manufacturer that led to revenue and customer growth, while safeguarding against bias and unintended consequences.

Note: This webinar was originally recorded live as part of the MAICON: AI in Action series.
Learn how to:
Identify opportunities when designing in-house solutions makes more sense
Recognize potential bias and unintended consequences from AI and how to safeguard against them
Ask vendors and partners the right questions when designing or implementing a new AI solution
Meet Your Instructor

Cal Al-Dhubaib

Cal Al-Dhubaib is a data scientist, entrepreneur and professional speaker on AI topics. He founded Pandata on the core values of "Approachability and Ethics." Empowering organizations to plan, build and scale AI solutions that grow their bottom line, Pandata has overseen 80+ transformative analytics projects with leading global brands including Parker Hannifin, the Cleveland Museum of Art, FirstEnergy and Penn State University. Al-Dhubaib is especially passionate about the ethics of AI and how organizations can orchestrate the right talent to support AI initiatives. Al-Dhubaib has been recognized as a Notable Immigrant Entrepreneur, Crain's Cleveland 20 in their 20s, and two-time Cleveland Smart 50 recipient. In addition to becoming the first data science graduate from Case Western Reserve University, Al-Dhubaib is also known for his role in advocating for careers and educational pathways in data science through workforce development initiatives.

CEO, Pandata