How to Design an Ethical AI-Powered Marketing Strategy
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How to Design an Ethical AI-Powered Marketing Strategy featuring Pandata [Webinar Replay]

Cal Al-Dhubaib
Duration: 58 minutes
Webinar Released: August 2021
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Cal Al-Dhubaib, CEO of Pandata, will explain how to go about designing and building out your own-AI powered solutions with an emphasis on ethics. Ethical AI is no longer an academic conversation—it’s about protecting humans.

You’ll see AI in Action when Pandata shares case studies featuring a health technology enterprise and a Fortune 500 manufacturer that led to revenue and customer growth, while safeguarding against bias and unintended consequences.

Note: This webinar was originally recorded live as part of the MAICON: AI in Action series.
Learn how to:
Identify opportunities when designing in-house solutions makes more sense
Recognize potential bias and unintended consequences from AI and how to safeguard against them
Ask vendors and partners the right questions when designing or implementing a new AI solution
Meet Your Instructor

Cal Al-Dhubaib

Cal Al-Dhubaib is a globally recognized data scientist, entrepreneur, and innovator in responsible artificial intelligence, specializing in high-risk sectors such as healthcare, energy, and defense. He is the founder and CEO of Pandata, a consulting company that helps organizations to design and develop AI-driven solutions for complex business challenges, with an emphasis on responsible AI. Their clients include globally recognized organizations like the Cleveland Clinic, Progressive Insurance, University Hospitals, and Parker Hannifin.

CEO & AI Strategist, Pandata