"> How to Engage and Qualify Your Website Visitors with AI

How to Engage and Qualify Your Website Visitors with AI featuring Drift [Webinar Replay]

Kyle Bastien
Duration: 50 minutes
Webinar Released: September 2021
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Drift’s Kyle Bastien and Lauren Creedon will explain how to best engage your website visitors using the power of AI.

Gone are the days of wasted time and energy. With AI, you can give your visitors the right response at the right time, 24/7.

In this session, you’ll see how AI-powered marketing technology delivers a better, more human, experience for buyers.

Note: This webinar was originally recorded live as part of the MAICON: AI in Action series.
Meet Your Instructor

Kyle Bastien

Kyle Bastien is the AI Solutions Consultant at Drift, where he helps businesses evaluate and implement AI-driven chat experiences in their sales and marketing teams. In this capacity, Bastien has developed first-hand experience in using AI-driven chat to deliver results. Before joining Drift, Bastien spent the prior 15 years in sales and marketing roles at companies such as Intuit, BMW and Siemens.

Director of Business Value, Drift
Meet Your Instructor

Lauren Creedon

Lauren Creedon is the AI product lead at Drift and an advocate and mentor for women in tech. Before working on conversational AI at Drift, she spent 10 years in sports tech, where she first worked with AI/ML teams while building smart cameras at Hudl. Before that, she studied studio art at Harvard and tried her hand at starting companies. As part of her mission to get more women into tech leadership, she volunteers for 81cents and Advancing Women in Tech.

AI Product Lead, Drift