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Is This AI? [MAICON 19]

Karen Hao
Course Duration: ~30 minutes
Course Released: May 2020
Level: Beginner
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What is artificial intelligence, exactly? The question may seem basic, but the answer can be complicated. In the broadest sense, AI refers to machines that can learn, reason, and act for themselves. They can make their own decisions when faced with new situations, in the same way that humans and animals can.

But, what would have been considered AI in the past may not be considered AI today. Because of this, the boundaries of AI can get really confusing, and the term often gets mangled to include any kind of algorithm or computer program. In this presentation, learn how to differentiate whether something is using AI or not by following a series of simple questions. This session will give you the confidence and framework to evaluate AI-powered marketing technologies.

In 2019, 300+ marketers from 12 countries and 28 states, came together in Cleveland, Ohio for the inaugural Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON). This Course is a recording of one of the conference's main stage talks.

Course Curriculum

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    Karen Hao: Is This AI [MAICON 19]

    • Karen Hao: Main Stage

    • Presentation [PDF]

    • Recommended Reading

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    Introduction to MAICON 2019

    • Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) Highlights

Meet Your Instructor

Karen Hao

Karen Hao is the artificial intelligence reporter for MIT Technology Review. She covers the advancements in, ethics of, and social impact of the technology.

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