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Developing a Metrics-Driven Governance Playbook [Short Course]

Seth Earley
Course Duration: 37 minutes
Course Released: June 2020
Level: Beginner
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Governance is boring, and no one wants to own it. But the success of any information program depends on thoughtful and deliberate decision making.

Too often this means going with the opinions of the most senior people in the room. There are two problems with this approach: When those opinions are not aligned, conflicts arise, which lead to decisions driven by organizational politics. When those opinions are shared, unless they are based on real data, they are just that: opinions.

The answer to this challenge lies in a metrics-driven process for decisions. Every project involving ecommerce, user experience or more broadly digital transformation requires measurement of outcomes at multiple levels. This process allows for validation of course corrections and ongoing improvement based on data rather than opinion.
In this session attendees will learn:
Various structures for decision making bodies, and the pros and cons for each.
Ways to align measures of data quality and completeness with processes, business outcomes and organizational strategy.
How to connect ROI to data and content programs.
A framework for a metrics-driven governance playbook.

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    • Lesson 1: Why Governance is Critical to AI Initiatives

    • Lesson 2: A Model for Success Using the Customer Journey

    • Lesson 3: Measuring Behaviors and Outcomes

    • Lesson 4: Governance Structures

    • Lesson 5: Measuring ROI

    • Lesson 6: Bringing Your Metrics-Driven Governance Program to Life

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Seth Earley

Seth Earley is CEO of Earley Information Science (EIS), a leading consulting firm focused on organizing information for business impact, with expertise in knowledge strategy, data and information architecture, search-based applications, and information findability solutions. He has developed information management strategies for a wide variety of organizations including Fidelity Investments, the Internal Revenue Service, Abbott Laboratories, Plymouth Rock Insurance, 3M, Honeywell and Gartner Group. He is a member of the editorial board for the journal Applied Marketing Analytics.

CEO & Founder, Earley Information Science; Author, AI-Powered Enterprise