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Pattern89 [Product Demo]

Todd Gorrell
Demo Duration: 28 minutes
July 2020
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Pattern89 provides powerful, artificial intelligence-driven marketing technology to help brands and agencies discover what creative decisions drive their most impactful digital performance.

With creative analysis and prediction algorithms delivering over 95% accuracy, Pattern89 reduces waste by identifying successful patterns and outliers in companies’ ad creative performance data on digital channels.

For more information, visit www.pattern89.com, or watch this sponsored demo.

Demo Curriculum

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    Welcome to the Demo!

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Pattern89 Demo

    • Lesson 1: Company Overview

    • Lesson 2: Product Demo

    • Lesson 3: Case Studies

  • 3

    Getting Started

    • Additonal Resources and Contact Information

Meet Your Instructor

Todd Gorrell

Todd Gorrell is the VP of Sales at Pattern89, an artificial intelligence platform that predicts winning digital marketing creative. Pattern89’s AI analyzes over 2,900 creative dimensions of Facebook and Instagram ads to determine what creative will lead to a brand’s best returns, before campaigns begin. Gorrell is an executive leader with focused expertise in SaaS, analytics, business intelligence and digital marketing.

VP of Sales, Pattern89