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The State of Natural Language Generation [Short Course]

Jeff Coyle
Course Duration: 57 minutes
Course Released: July 2020
Level: Beginner
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Recent advancements in natural language generation have made it possible to craft 100% unique long-form articles from scratch. In this session, MarketMuse Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Jeff Coyle discusses significant developments in NLG that have happened over the past year and how this benefits content marketers.

Participants in this beginner-oriented session will learn about different approaches to NLG, their benefits and drawbacks, and where they are best suited.

Course Curriculum

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    Welcome to the Course!

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    The Course

    • Lesson 1: Three Goals of Modern NLG

    • Lesson 2: NLG Deep Learning Advancements

    • Lesson 3: Implementation Challenges

    • Lesson 4: Future Trends

    • Test Your Learning

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    Next Steps...

    • Closing Notes From Your Instructor

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Meet Your Instructor

Jeff Coyle

Jeff Coyle is the co-founder and CSO for MarketMuse. Coyle is a data-driven search engine marketing executive with more than 21 years of experience in the search industry. He is focused on helping content marketers, search engine marketers, agencies and e-commerce managers build topical authority, improve content quality and turn semantic research into actionable insights.

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse